Free Webhosting or Buying a Domain?

Do you have plans to build your own website or a blog? Either for monetary or amusement purposes, I believe that buying your own domain is the best thing to do. Let me tell you my experience.

I have been a blogger since high school. Since then, I have kept numerous blogs, most of which I wrote original content. My reward? Nothing but the pleasure of reading it myself and sharing it with my friends. I was writing original content about various interesting topics, yet, the only reward I got was a few thousands of views on my blog. That’s all.

That led me to the conclusion that buying your own domain is better than just using a free web-hosting service. It just takes a little bit of budget and a few knowledge in web developing. If you want, you may even hire a webhost to make things easier. A colleague of mine does so. She is a travel blogger and has her own domain. The result? Her website is generating an incredibly huge number of visitors and so the revenue that comes with it.

I am not so familiar with this yet. But I definitely want to ask help from my techie friend.

So the next time you’re thinking of putting up a blog, buy your own domain. You’ll never know where it can take you…

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