How to Become an Online English Teacher in 3 Easy Steps

Are you tired of your daily commute or you just want to have a side job? You can earn money from the comforts of your home by working as an online English teacher. Here are the three easy to be an online English tutor:

1. Know the basics of the English language. You don’t have to be a grammar geek. You just need to review your notes from school or surf the internet for a quick grammar refresher. This serves as a foundation to your teaching, especially that ESL teaching mainly requires correcting students’ errors.

2. Make sure your English is easy-to-understand. Recognize that you’re teaching English to speakers with basic English knowledge, so make sure that your speaking speed suits your students’ level. Simplify your choice of words and explanation of grammatical concepts.

3. Look for an ESL company that suits you. Sure there are a lot of ESL companies in the Philippines. In fact, the ESL industry is thriving in our country. Opt for companies that do not require a set number of hours. Choose companies that will encourage work-life balance and contribute to your professional development.

Rina has been working for RareJob Philippines, Inc. since 2010. Her schedule was very flexible and she could take advantage of regular workshops that can aid her professional development. Just click the affiliate link, fill out the online form, and start working as an online English teacher! If you follow these tips, you can make a career out of working as a homebased online English tutor.

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