Shawil mineral bb cream

Makeup Review: Shawil Cosmetics Mineral BB Cream

When I go hunt some makeup for my wedding gigs, I make sure that the product ingredients won’t harm my skin and won’t clog my pores. I have combination skin, which means dry on the cheeks and jaws, but oily on the T-zone.

The Shawil Mineral BB Cream caught my attention. It claims to be mineral, obviously, and not clogging your pores. I tried to make a few swatches of the product on my jaw area and let it dry for a couple of minutes (I have acidic skin, so the products I apply on my face usually get darker.) and this is how it looks like:

This BB Cream can be a substitute to your foundation, if you just want a light coverage that will get you through the day. Before appying this BB cream, I apply either a primer or moisturizer to prep my skin. It gives my face a natural glow and a porcelain finish.

If you want an affordable and safe substitute to foundation, you should definitely try out the Shawil Mineral BB Cream.

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