Why I Quit My Call Center Job

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against call center agents. There are so many talented call center agents out there who are doing well in their jobs. And I commend them in doing so.

Several months ago, I applied for a call center job. Partly because of curiosity, I hunted for various call centers. I arrived in this certain company wherein the hiring process was very easy. They only gave me a month to prepare all of my credentials and voila! In a month’s time, I started being a trainee. The thing I enjoyed the most was the training itself. I could pretty much relate with all the information that was being taught. They taught us the basics of English grammar, phonetics, idioms, and all! It was so exciting! There was this urge in me to replace the trainer, for I knew everything she was saying. I have nothing against her though. She is such a great trainer. Her English is native-like, which I think is mainly attributed to her speaking English at home.

Anyway, the real job started. I began taking calls. My job was to collect money (or arrears) from Australians who either overlooked their credit payments or who had a hard time paying their arrears. The job was quite easy. We just had to wait for the dialer until we hear the voice of the client. Then we say our spiels and take note of the information they give us. It is an easy job, and an easy account.

Some might wonder why I quit my job. I guess it’s probably because the job is pretty monotonous to me. I am not a robot. I am a free agent. I don’t have to say the same things over and over. One thing that has made it difficult for me was the stats that we had to reach. Being a call center newbie, I found it difficult to reach those stats because I had to compete with tenured ones who already mastered collections techniques. Also, it was difficult for me to have a pee break because the more pee breaks I took, the lower my stats get.

Finally, I am still deeply interested in teaching. This is the main reason why I quit my call center job. My call center job is fair enough to make a living, but not good enough to have satisfaction and fulfillment in life. I always seek for meaning in anything I do in life. And teaching gave me this feeling. A short word of “Thanks” from my student means a lot to me.

Yet, I believe that call center agents can still enjoy their jobs. One way is by taking advantage of company training and workshops. They should keep themselves well read and always find ways to improve. They never know, such diligence and eagerness to learn may even lead to promotion as a Quality Analyst, Trainer, Team Leader, or even Manager.


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